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Referencing pAMP sequence in BLAST - (Aug/02/2013 )



I need your help.  This may be an elementary BLAST question that may have been covered, but I searched here and could not find it.


I took the pAMP sequence from the CSH: DNA Learning Center:


and plugged it into BLAST


The results do not match the coverage for pAMP, I'm getting results for pUC cloning vectors.


Am I doing something incorrect?


I think what you got is right. Probably, according to this site:‎

The plasmids, pAMP and pKAN, were engineered by the DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.  The pAMP plasmid was engineered from the pUC19 plasmid which contains ampr and a 1904 bp restriction fragment cut from 8 DNA.  

Actually you can blast again the vector database


I thought that because of the prevelant use of these plasmids (pAMP and pKAN), their entire sequence would register in BLAST.


Thank you Mod!  This is helpful.