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Calculation of a dilution factor?? - (Aug/01/2013 )

Hi all.

One question...

I have to calculate the dilution factor of serum in my preparation to be able to calculate the final concentration in a HPLC setup.

This is the prep:

25 ul serum mixed with 5 ul solvent + 1000 ul AcN (to precipitate proteins)


pippette 995 ul into new epp. and evaporate to dryness in speedvac

reconstitute with 100 ul solvent

How does one calculate the dilution factor??
Can´t wrap my head around this one...



for your purpose, the initial dilution is not important (25 ->1030 ul (=41.2x)) other than for the determination of what fraction of the starting material is dried (995/1030=0.966) and reconstituted.


100/(25*0.966)=4.14x diluted