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phylogentic tree construction - (Jul/31/2013 )

I have isolated 9 soil bacteria and sent for sequencing. I had identified them using BLASTn. The results showed that 5 of them belong to genus Bacillus, 2 strains belong to genus Serratia , 1 strain is genus Pseudomonas and 1 strain belong to genus Escherichia.
Now, I would like to construct phylogenetic tree. However, I not sure how to do it.:confused:
So, can I just construct a phylogenetic tree that only consists 9 strains of my study bacteria samples? 
Or do I need to construct a phylogenetic tree that consists of my study isolated bacteria together with some related bacteria species??
Please help me to remove all my doubt... Thanks.


Is it for a publication? What's the scope of the study?


Usually, for applied microbiology the highest identity matches you get from BLAST are required. If it's a diversity or systematics study things are more complicated.


Anyway, try to find the reference to the results from BLAST as there are many sequences not properly annotated

-El Crazy Xabi-