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How to quantify MS2 virus-like particles? - (Jul/24/2013 )

Hello, I have the following problem. I need to quantify number of MS2 virus-like particles (AR particles - armored RNA) in my sample. They are similar with MS2 bacteriophage.

I found in literature that MS2 virus-like particles can be quantified using spectrofotometry:

The number of AR particles may be determined using the extinction coefficient of 1 OD260= 0.125 mg/ml of MS2 bacteriophage and the molecular weight is 3 x 106. Based on this procedure, approximately 1 x 1015 AR particles can be purified from one liter of culture.


The concentration of AR particles purified throught affinity chromatography was determined using the extinction coefficient of 0.125 mg/ml of MS2 bacteriophage per absorbance unit at 260 nm and a molecular weight of 3.0 x 106.

But I do not understand how to do the quantification according to this instructions :-( Please, would it be possible to help me? I have only my sample containing unknown number of MS2 virus-like particles. What should I do next to determine their number. We have Eppendorf Bio Photometer and Nanodrop 2000c in our lab. How to set up this machines to be able to measure the number of the MS2 virus-like particles. Thank you, it is very important.


Maybe I have found the solution... In other word, when I have a solution with my particles and its OD260 = 1 it means that there are 0,125 mg/ml of particles in the solution?