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PCR machine - (Jul/18/2013 )


I want to know , whether it is worth to purchase VERITI PCR machine from Applied Biosystems? If anybody is using/used this equipment then please share your experience.



This is a hard question. It depends on what you want to do with it. The machine seems to be a nice one with gradient temperature.

Also it has optional blocks which accommodate different tubes and plates. you need to make a choice too based on your needs.


Thanks pcrman!!
We want it for cloning purpose only , but if it comes with gradient, that will be the best. This PCR machine looks good, but we didn't have much reviews, that is why I thought of asking here. Like the biorad machine I've heard is not good. I hope with veriti, this will not be the case.


We have a couple Veriti's as well as several other thermal cyclers. They are good machines. We found that we get less sample loss during long incubations with the Veriti's than we did with some of our other thermal cyclers (in fact this is why we bought the Veriti's after testing one that our colleagues had).

If you can get them during a promotion they are a pretty good price.