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Grad students with Young Kids - (Jul/10/2013 )

So, how do you balance having a family and getting your research done?

I'm almost 27 (my birthday is in 2 days) and I just finished with my first year of graduate school in a Neurobiology & Behavior PhD program and my daughter is 13.5 months old.

I have to say that it is difficult and I certainly wish I had others to chat with about the hardships of going through graduate school and being the mother of a young, VERY intelligent and energetic child.

I figure that I can't be the only one in this situation, so I thought I would start a thread for grad students with young kids so we can share tips and secrets of success (or sanity).


Congratulations on the grad school entry and your child. It is a brave move to undertake grad school with a small child, both are very time consuming (deservedly so) and hard work at times. It will get easier, is all I can say.

I'm in a similar position (my boy is 20 months), though I am male, and my wife works 1/2 time so the pressures on me a less than they could be in terms of money and deadline for finishing. I'm not in America, so grad school here is probably quite different to what you are experiencing, no taught courses, only lab work!