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human ELISA for bovine samples? (T4, cortisol, progesterone) - (Jul/03/2013 )

Hi there,

I want to test the levels of free T4, Cortisol and Progesterone in bovine serum samples. I was wondering if I could use available ELISA kits for the three molecules that are advertised for human serum samples. As the molecules in question are the same among both species, shouldn't it be possible to use the 'human' kit?
The only problem I could see here is, that the kits come with standards, that are probably in human serum and that could lead to problems in quantification.



I would say that human ELISA is also tested for cross-reactivity with human serum and not bovine. Probably the best answer could come from the manufacturer of the ELISA kit.


If the same among species then go ahead. "Same" being exact same structure. Note many matrices from 'human' kits are artificial or created to create agreement between an approved (510K) method and the method of the kit. You may find your samples reading higher or lower due to the matrix of the calibrators. You can also create your own with pure hormone and pooled/stripped bovine serum.

"Cross reactivity" in the moderator response is used incorrectly. The serum is not a cross reactant. Cross reactivity testing is done between the test kit ab and a structurally similar compound. (example: BhCG kit...testing with LH, TSH, FSH...amphetamine kit testing with D, L, DL amphetamine, methamphetamine, etc).