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Lentivirus contamination - (Jun/28/2013 )

Hi all, yesterday I was filtering a supernatant containing lentiviral particles (third generation, VSVg as coating protein), something went wrong and some drops squirted out of the hood. I found some drops on my bare skin and some of them on my clothes under the labcoat. Of course I immediately washed my arms with water and ethanol. My question is: is there any chance that lentiviruses can penetrate the skin layer? Also, how long do you think they can leave if the liquid dries? (eg on surfaces or on my tshirt!). I read that HIV viruses can live for some minutes in the air, can I assume the same for lentiviruses? I am pretty sure I did not touch my eyes/mouth but I am also scared about aerosols...can they come out of a cell culture hood?
The transgene was a shRNA against a mouse gene, so I don't think it should be dangerous....but I am worried about insertions in my genome....
Thank you so much for your answers....I am kind of scared right now....


Lentiviruses cannot cross the skin, you will be fine.