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Agglomeration of suspension cells (T-cells) - (Jun/28/2013 )

Hello everybody, I have a question according to culturing suspension cells (t cells, Jurkat). I culture them WITHOUT Spinning, they just stand upright in the incubator. I have noticed that they gradually start agglomerating and clump together when they stay for a while. I hold them at a density of about 500.000 to 1.000.000 cells/ml. What is the cause of this agglomeration? Do I have to avoid it anyhow? Thanking you in anticipation! Tobi


Dear TZ89,

I think your problem is that the density is too high at the top end. Jurkats grown in flask will normally grow in small aggregates but will disperse when triturated.

We grow our cells in suspension using Techne stirrer bottles and stirring them at 15 RPM.

You do not need to stand the flask upright either...Jurkat do not attch to the plastic....if they do you have a problem

Kindest regards

Uncle Rhombus