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Chelating Aluminum from cell culture - (Jun/27/2013 )

Hi, I wanna chelate aluminum from cells in cell culture after their treatment with AlOH3 for some time, any idea how can i do it.Thanks


Without damaging the cells? If you don't mind the damage you could use a metal ion chelator such as EDTA or EGTA.


if you can get your hands on some, you can try feralex. it's being used to chelate aluminum and iron in vivo.

see these papers:

about feralex


one of my coworkers has a different, more efficient, synthesis method and others here have used it in their research (unfortunately, i'm not privy to all of the information or i could tell you more)


Thanks alot :)


i spoke with my coworker and he is willing to give you a sample of feralex. do you want me to pm you his email or do you want to pm me yours so that the two of you can get in contact?


oh, Wow Thanks alot for your help, i sent u a message