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Purchase HepG2.2.15 in UK/Europe? - (Jun/27/2013 )

Dear all,

I'm trying to figure out where to purchase the cell line HepG2.2.15. It's a stable transduced HepG2 cell line expressing hepatitis B virus.

Anyone know a company that sells those? Or do I approach the original author for those cells?

As this is a project collaboration with a biotech company, I'd rather purchase them and know we have the rights to do whatever assay instead of writing a tedious MTA agreement...

Best regards, Lys


Dear lysozyme,

I guess most of these hepatitis virus expressing cell lines are not fully commercialized.

U must write MTA as most of them are patent and very new and original.

From personal situation, I contacted one owner of these cells to get Huh-5.2 cells, (stable for hepatitis C virus)

They of course agreed to give me the cells. but under strong rules, like almost full partnership in the work, and even I can't publish any results in anu way without their agreements.