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HUVEC plasmid transfection challenges - (Jun/26/2013 )

I've been trying to transfect primary HUVEC with plasmid DNA but have been running into extremely poor efficiency challenges. I need to do this in 60mm dishes for a subsequent treatment and have tried using Lipofectamine LTX (per manufacturer instructions) with abysmal efficiency.

I can't afford too much cytotoxicity as the cells need to remain strongly adherent to the matrix for the following treatment.

Any help is much appreciated!



Lipofectamine (though I haven't tried LTX) in my hands tends to be a lot more toxic and have lower transfection efficiency than fugene. I also quite like PEI.

If you have access to one, an electroporation system may be the best option, they tend to work better with primary cells than lipid/cation based transfection systems.


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