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Magnet assisted transfection - (Jun/25/2013 )

Hi everyone,
does anyone have any experience with magnet assisted transfection? We are trying to transfect a rather large plasmid (15 kb) into neuronal cells. Promokine, nanoTherics or iba offer magnetic devices that are supposed to transfect cells by attracting plasmid-coupled magnetic nanoparticles. This method is supposed to be very gentle and well suited for the transfection of large plasmids. I would just like to know, if someone here has already tried out this method and whether it is in fact a valuable tool for transfection.
Thank you :)


To get a better control of the magnet assisted transfection, I suggest using rare-earth magnets, such as neodymium manget that helps make a gentle transfection of large plasmids.