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Place to buy (soluble) ligands for cell culture. - (Jun/21/2013 )

I'm looking for murine soluble notch ligand but I have no idea which companies sell ligands. I only know of invitrogen and preprotech where I get my cytokines and other reagents but they don't carry ligands (at least not the one I'm looking for). Anyone can recommend a good vendor for ligands?


There seem to be multiple Notch1 ligands.
Here you can get Jagged-1:


You didn't specify which notch ligands, I think maybe you will find:

                                         Mouse Anti-DLL4 Monoclonal Antibody at

                                         Recombinant Mouse Jagged 2, Fc-tagged at


Dear all,

EarthOx Life Science ( ) provides comprehensive products including molecular kits, PCR and qPCR regents as well as antibodies and ELISA kits.

Feel free to let me know if you need anything in your lab. We will be glad to provide free samples.