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Streptavidin purification in the lab - (Jun/19/2013 )

Hi, I am looking at the Biotech companies for a source of streptavidin. It's too expensive. I want to make the streptavidin myself, instead. I want to bind it to the inside of a tube. I don't have much experience with protein purification but I'm very good in the lab with most other things. Does anyone have any experience, a good protocol, sources, helpful hints for streptavidin production and purification in the lab and use for coating? Thanks, FreddieP


here is a wiki page, with references, which may start you on your way:


good luck


Thank you for this post. I read over the page you suggested. I see there is alot of useful information there. However, I am specifically looking for protocols for working with streptavidin, specifically purification and coating. I think that this type of information must be available, somewhere, on the internet. Thank you for your help.


here is a google query for purification of streptavidin.

(i hope you're prepared to culture streptomyces)

here is a google query for coating a 96 well plate with streptavidin.

(one of the pages found by the google query is in the bioforum archives)

(it seems that standard coating techniques are used to coat a plate with streptavidin)


Thank you for this friendly advice. FreddieP