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1M IPTG left for 12-14h @ Room temp - still good? - (Jun/06/2013 )

Hi, I accidently left my 1molar IPTG solution (in water) at room temperatur for the night. Since we are running low on IPTG as powder I really want to keep using that. Do you think it is still stable and usable for induction? Best, derFrager


Probably ok, in my view.


The IPTG should be fine.

If your lab is looking for places to save money, try using autoinduction media instead of IPTG for expression. All the components are reasonably cheap (including the lactose which replaces the IPTG), and it yields significantly more dense cultures compared to standard LB/IPTG inductions (i.e. more cells and therefore more yield). It doesn't work great for all proteins, but for any reasonably well behaved protein, autoinduction is the way to go.