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What is EPSP slope ? - (Jun/05/2013 )

And why not using EPSP amplitude ? When they measure LTP they always use EPSP slope why is that and what is it ? Also what is EPSP spike compared to amplitude and slope ?



it is more convincing to show both, amplitude and slope, because each parameter can change independenty from the other but in the case of LTP both should be increased

-Inmost sun-

The EPSP slope in an extracellular field recording is usually taken as the first one-third of the fEPSP. The slope value is preferred over the amplitude or other measures because at a higer current intensity (or if the electrodes are places too close to the cell bodies), the pEPSP is likely to be contaminated by the occurance of a pop spike and that can change the amplitude but not the slope.

-Mahati Krishna-