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Bacterial Cx grows REALLY Slowly in TB Broth??? - (Jun/04/2013 )

Hello. I am attempting to culture BLR (DE3) cells (w/ a pET amp resistant vector) in TB broth for overnight induction and to increase my yields. Several times now, including an experiment where I cultured in LB or TB side-by-side, the cells grow really slow in the TB. The starter culture is fine (OD600 >4) and I'm inoculating at 1:100 dilution but it is taking ~8 hrs to reach an OD600 of 0.5! The LB culture reaches 0.5 within ~3 hrs. The antibiotic and source starter culture was the same for both cultures. I'm having trouble finding an explanation for the growth behavior.

Any ideas?


Thats really strange-TB should grow faster-verfiy the compostion of the brot-obviously it must be phosphate buffered.If I remember KHPO4 .