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Scotch-Brite versus other foam pad for wet transfer? - (Jun/03/2013 )

Does anyone have any advice on which is better for a wet transfer? The lab I came into has VERY OLD scotch brite pads and my transfers have been very poor. The pads are thinning in various spots. We use a bio rad transfer system, and just looked through our storage and found black nylon-type pads that came with the transfer cells, but no one in my lab has ever used them. Should I order new scotch brite pads, or try the black plastic-y looking ones? Any advice would be very much appreciated!


Yes, the black plasticy looking ones work fine. BioRad only sells those now, and I have been using them for quite some time.
If your scotch brite pads are not of uniform thickness, your transfers will be poor.


Basically any pad should work - so long as it is flat and able to be permeated by the buffer. These are just there to ensure that the gel/membrane sandwich doesn't slip.


Thank you so much!