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Reviewer`s confusing question....... - (Jun/03/2013 )


I have almost accepted paper but a question by one of the reviewers is very confusing for me

I am asked to clarify if I have made single or double blind evaluation of my results.......

Well, I work with mice, infected with something.

I have one control group and several experimental groups, which were examined in different time-points during the infection.

These blind experiments I think are performed in clinical trials with humans - I know well what they are, but.......I make a basic research.

I think in fundamental research we don`t make blind experiments - do we?

Am I missing something?


You can still be using "blind" experiments by having experimental agents such as the infectious materials being labeled (for example A, B) by someone else so that you don't know which is control and which is treatment. Double blind - well they are mice, so they probably can't know whether they are treatment or control... You can state this in the reply.


Thank you!