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Cell Debris Isolation From Blood - (Jun/02/2013 )

Does anyone have any suggestions for isolating cell debris/particles from blood without using ultracentrifugation?

Would appreciate your help and suggestions,


cell debris means?


Have you considered a density gradient medium like iodixanol? Without more details as to what you're trying to accomplish, it's difficult to give much in the way of advice.


Hi gfischer...
Thanks for your reply. No I was more thinking in the direction of filteration (tandem filteration) using micro filter polymers. But iodixanol seems to be a promising way as well. I need to be able to separet the blood particles from stressed blood and study them in a microfluic system (i.e spike certain amount of these debris into intact blood and run them in a microfluidic device to find the threshold for failure). Do you have a good protocol to suggest for using iodixanol for this purpose? I would really be very grateful if you could help me out with this.