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Protein measurement of Laemmli samples - (May/31/2013 )


I'm asking about what is quick and reliable protocol/method to measure total protein concentration from human whole cell extraction samples with Laemmli buffer ??

Now I'm using Rc Dc protein assay from BioRad . It works fine but it's quite slow for me ( take time like 4 hours for my 20-30 samples)

does anyone know if which technique that could measure total protein concentration in Laemmli buffer sample? and could finish 20-30 samples in less than hour

Thank you in advance for any suggestion!




The Peirce BCA protein assay is supposed to be quite fast, and after a quick look through the manual I dont think it should Laemelli buffer should interfere, I've put the link underneath. Also, are you using a 96 well plate in a plate photometre? that is such quicker than running it on a Nanodrop.



I'm checking ... thank you very much..