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mitochondria viusualization - (May/23/2013 )

Dear All,

I'm studying the possible delivery of one particle into the mitochondria. Using confocal microscopy and Mitotracker I colocalize my particles and mitochondria, but it still doesn't mean that particle is entering the mitochondria and ending up in the lumen.

What kind of microscop could ou recommend me to distinguished between outer and inner membrane and lumen?

I has tu be super resolution microscopy, do you thing I can do it using cryo-tem or TEM or some other propositions?


You could try single photon microscopy. I think (definitely no expert) SEM would be better than TEM.


what particles are you talking about? can you attach a picture of the mitochondria that you have taken with confocal?

This is a suggestion: there is a method for further fractionation of mitochondria to separate inner, outer membrane and the matrix, using sucrose gradient, if I'm not mistaken. You need to google. I mean after you do subcellular fractionation, you can further fractionate mitochondria, to find where your particle is located. no need for TEM. This is faster.


Thanks a lot for help I will check it out, mean do some internet search and then decide.
I'm using polimer of natural polysaccharide of size 2-7 nm.

Probably by now I can't send pictures (going to be published in other paper)