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How to get the promoter sequence of a gene - (Mar/06/2004 )

:D Hello everybody!
I am an Italian student and I'm starting to learn something about bioinformatics and molecular biology!
I have a big problem :rolleyes: and I don't know how find a solution!
I have to find the complete genome sequence of the TAF9 and TAF9L genes, I tried to find them using ncbi site, but ( I don't know why) I was not able to find nothing except the sequence starting from the point in which transcription starts, but I need what is before this point because I have to find the promoter in this region.... :o No comment!!!!!
I am in dangerous if I will not find them, so if someone could help me, pleaseeeeeeeeeee tell me how to do!!!!
Thanks a lot


Hi Dada,

To get the genome sequence of your genes, you can start from NCBI's loculink:



Or go to UCSC genome database:

Specificly, here is TAF9's genomic sequence

TAF9L's genome sequence

You can also go to Ensembl ( )and search by your gene name, after you get your gene, use the sequence export feature to get the genomic sequence or upstream promoter sequences.

If you have further question, please post here.



Very usefull information

-rajeev ranjan singh-