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Cell-repellent coating / surfaces - Growing cells on beads - (May/14/2013 )

Hi everybody!

I want to culture adhesive MDCK cells on beads. I am looking for a coat (maybe one which I can do on my own) of cell culture dishes/wells/flasks which prevent my cells from surface attachment to the culture vessel. I tried flasks for suspension cells with hydrophobic surface, but MDCK cells still attach. The cells should ideally only grow on my beads.

I would appreciate any ideas.

Thank you!



Two ways to go:-

Try using non tissue culture treated plastics ..... the cells and beads should not attach to the plastic

If that does not work use a "siliconising fluid" like Repelcote.... this stops cells and beads from attaching to glass and plastic.

Hope this helps

Kindest regards

Uncle Rhombus


Hi thanks for your answer!

I already tried non tissue culture treated plastics, but MDCK cells still attach. I also read about silicon and I will try this now.