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Good Pipetting techniques - (May/08/2013 )

Hi all, "Handling pipettes" is basic but important part of any lab procedures. We have Molecular Ecology Lab where we have designated areas for DNA ext, PCR set up, Post PCR set up and Loading Gels. We have designated pipettes (both Single channel and multichannel) at all benches. However sometimes there is mixing of pipettes from different areas. Please give me good reasons why it is Important to have designated pipettes ( one of the reason I know is Aerosols). Secondly many lab members bang pipettes to get good (?) hold of tips. Please give me good reason why banging pipettes should be avoided? Many thanks


Designated pipettes are good to prevent contamination of pipettes used to set up PCR with PCR products - i.e. aerosols, but also liquid sucked or tipped into the barrel. Much of this can be eliminated by the use of filter tips and good training.

Banging pipettes doesn't put the tip on much better and can knock the calibration out.


Thanks for your reply