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Question about pipet tips for PCR and rtPCR - (May/08/2013 )


We have been using the Fisher Sure One tips for doing our PCR's and rt PCR reactions. This summer there are going to be quite a bit of students in our lab working on PCR. In the past we have isolated RNA from our samples and then kept it in the -80 degree freezer, and thawed the sample when we needed some.
This summer we are planning on extracting the RNA, converting all to cDNA and freezing this. I understand that with RNA we need to use the RNase free pipet tips like the Sure Ones. However, once we are using cDNA is this necessary or can we use the general lab stock pipet tips?

Thanks in advance.



You want DNase free tips in that case, lab stock tips may not be DNase free, especially if you are racking them yourself.


I call this a Obsession.


Thanks Bob1 and Memari. I thought that we would still need this as in the past we have used the DNase free tips for everything but I just wanted to make sure. Those tips are more expensive than the general stock tips but in the long run if we had to repeat experiments due to DNA contamination, it wouldn't be a cost savings.



Once RNA is converted to cDNA, using Aerosol-Resistant Tips for PCR is very important to avoid cross contamination.