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the cultivation of genetics and DNA of Kazakh people - (May/07/2013 )

the cultivation of genetics and DNA of Kazakh people

First, i want to give Hello to all of you, i am Kazakh guy from ili Kazakh autonomous prefecture of xinjiang Uighur autonomous region of china.
but now in European, came here to study of my master.

and i want to discuss something with all of you or who some knows.

the whole Kazakh people has a kind of national tradition that the Kazakhs boy and girls never have marriage within 7 generation, in order to marry the Kazakh guy and Kazakh girl should not have blood relatives within 7 generation(the most hot love also ignored, just burn it ), in both mother and father side, too, its mean the blood of their ancestors must not "meet" below 7 generations, so every Kazakh(girl and boy) knows the names of seven ancestors and their blood relationships, among Kazakhs there is saying:"he/she is alone, if he/she do not know the names of her/his seven ancestors.", and it is so shame things for Kazakhs if he/she do not know the names of her/his ancestors, and it is obligatory rules for all Kazakh parents to teach their children to know the names of her/his ancestors, by that way all Kazakhs know their not only seven ancestors even knows 20--30, even more 70 maybe, can spoke out till their root ancestors such as naiman, jalaiyr, argyn, kerey, tore, adai, dulat, kongirat, kyan-kuyan, koypchak, khoja, gingskhan tribes etc many many tribe, almost big 45 tribes in kazakhs.
so among Kazakhs it is forbidden to have marriage within seven generations, if someone do the Kazakhs law will force them to break up their marriage, not allowed, even they do not obey will kill them by the constitution of Kazakhs khan-kings, and this rule written in the constitution Kazakh khans-kings since 1400(till now 600 years old rule, it may be exist before that years, but become rule after 1400), but such breaking of law almost never happens, if someone want do such marriage Kazakhs consider them as "degraded type of person" and consider it as so shame thing, and they will ask how you marriage your relative(if under 7 generations)? The Kazakhs tribes regarded as most close blood relative people if they are under 7 generations, but Kazakhs usually marriage above 10 generations, all tribes of Kazakh perform this rule till now and will continue to bring that to the future.

why Kazakh do not allow the marriage within 7 generations?
answer: it is shame thing for Kazakhs in the aspect of morality and humanity, but other than this that all the tribes of Kazakh considered that produced child will be ill, unhealthy and non-wisdom person if they have marriage under 7 generations.

and when i was young i also asked this from my parents and from other old mans of our kazakh village, and they said that he/she is your close blood relative if they are under 7 generations, how can you marry with your relatives, it is sin thing, and the child from such marriage will not be good men and will be unhealthy, non-wisdom person. the same every where among kazakhs around the world, in kazakhstan, kazakhs in china, kazakhs in russian, kazakhs in uzbekstan, kazakhs in mongolia, kazakhs in turkey, kazakhs in afganistan, in tajikstan, turkmenstan, kazakhs in iran, in European etc.

it is generally said among Kazakhs that if you marry above 7 generation saying that your child be wise, strong and heroic person, and said your child will be bestowed with good warm hearts, harmony as the steppe of Kazakh, generous, and good speech-er who can spoke out poet etc.

and i can tell my same experience i have among Kazakhs in person, for example, in our kazakh village young a kazakh guy and a kazakh girl loved each other so much, then they want to have marriage, but their ancestors meet at 5, so they within 5 generations, not 7, they also know that, the old-Kazakhs in our village said you two can not marriage because their point not reaching to "7", so they forced them broke their relationship, not to have marriage.

and such tradition exist only in Kazakhs among the Turkic people, i did not know any nation has such cultivating custom except Kazakh, may be others know, inform me if you know.

and now i felt that this custom of Kazakhs has big scientific base and most favored thing from the corner of science. may be have more unrevealed facts hidden on the behind of such traditions of Kazakh people.

so by that tradition Kazakhs cultivated themselves more than 600 years by not having marriage within 7 generations, there is already prepared samples of human beings from a interesting point...

and such tradition will affect the genetics and DNA of an nation (Kazakh people)? or may be there are some difference or hidden facts around that tradition? may be this tradition is interesting for DNA or genetic researchers from some point.

what kind of benefits such tradition gives us from the point of the science of the DNA, genetics? thanks.

anyone can ask me the related questions if you want.

plz, post any comment if you know any beneficial parts of this tradition from the point of DNA-genetics.
plz, post any comment if you know any beneficial parts of this tradition from the point of DNA-genetics.


and i want add one more the similar mean among Kazakhs.

as all you know in past most Kazakhs are nomadic people, also has cities.
so here, i want to take example of the sheep, all other animal are treated same.

just before the male lamb of sheep to rich the age of sexuality with other sheep, we separate these male lambs from all the female sheep or broke the small tube in its sex organ when it is young, we can broke it by using our only two fingers that one tube where the sperm flows out. it is good if we do when lambs was young. and will not hurt, and such lamb grow fast, and become fat and big.
and in my family we also have many many sheep, i saw my father did such operations on lamb, also i also broke many sex tube of lambs, sorry for lambs.
and next year we never put male sheep among the female sheep which has blood relation with these sheep, otherwise the quality of sheep will not be good,

and when spring we choose big male sheep we go to another region to buy best male sheep and ask its origin if it has some blood relation with our regions sheep, if does not have blood relation now we will buy, then put it among these female sheep.

my father illiteracy person can not read but know this big biological things, haha. i love him.

this means also same for other animal too....

may be interesting, more importantly give me the hidden DNA matter on it.


plz, post any comment if you know any beneficial parts of this tradition from the point of DNA-genetics.


Well, there is in-breeding (production of children from closely related people), but the effects are not (as faras I know) not well understood -for example a brother and sister can produce healthy children together, but there is a higher incidence of mental retardation and physical deformity. Having said that, laboratory strains of mice and rats are typically very very inbred (brother/sister matings for 20 generations), so as to make them genetically homogenous and the animals appear fine and don't tend to have higher rates of disease than their wild-type counterparts.