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about Socorex pipette - (May/07/2013 )

Hi, does anybody use micropipette from Socorex? What filter tips are you using? For my 100 ul pipette, I find that only tips from Ambion suitable. But the price is very high. For changing to other tips in Fisher, I have tried two kinds, one with the catalogue number of 02707431 and the other one 0270739. For 02707431, pipette touches the stuffed material. For 0270739, the upper edge of tips touch the tip ejector. It is a nice pipette in my lab but I could not find a nice tip for it with lower price.


100 ul pipettes are relatively uncommon; most filter tips are designed to fit 200 ul pipettes.


Eppendorf fits. I used to be an agent for Socorex and I know the owners very well.