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Gene expression profiling with small cell number - (May/07/2013 )

Hi all,
I am new in this so any suggestion will be really helpful.

I want to get gene expression profile (miRNA as well) with flow sorted cells. However, since the rarity of my interested cells, I can only get about 10 to 30 thousand cells. So, which method is good for me to get the gene expression profile with these cells? Is there specific kit or related product I can choose? Both microarray and RNAseq can be considered if work for me.

Thank you guys.



I believe there are many protocols you can use to obtain RNA from small number of cells and do either microarray or RNA-seq. For example the following two papers describe method of RNA-seq from single cell.

a highly reproducible and sensitive single-cell RNA-Seq
Full-length mRNA-Seq from single-cell levels of RNA and individual circulating tumor cells