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brain slices - (May/02/2013 )

Hi ,
I would separate striatum and hippocampus of mouse brain, to perform further striatal and hippocampal slices.
I wonder if there is a video showing the method of separation of 2 brain areas. particularly that they are very close. one below the other.
thank you


Even though a video may be helpful... Do you not know of any seniors or other researchers on your campus who know the procedure? It would be best to watch someone do and have them watch you do it. Your results should be true from the very start. If you begin with improper data, it will only make matters worse downstream.


Why can't you just slice the brain as a whole and analyze those two specific areas? Coronal sections show the striatum and hippocampus. It just seems too complicated to separate them and cut them individually. I think using whole brain would also maintain the integrity of your sections.