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long non-coding RNAs biogenesis pathways - (Apr/26/2013 )

I'm bioinformatics student, and I need some advices about long non-coding RNAs pathways for my BCs... I'm analyzing biogenesis pathways of non-coding RNAs. So far, I've made detailed pathways of short ncRNAs - miRNA, siRNA, piRNA and other. The problem is lncRNAs, because I've read many publications and I didn't find any useful information. Also if You ever seen some publications about lincRNA, TERRAs and T-UCR and You want to share them with me I'll be very grateful. :>


Short ncRNA matures from long ncRNA via well defined steps of biogenesis. It is not clear so far whether so called lncRNA needs to be processed into short ones for function. So you can forget lncRNA for building biogenesis pathway for now.