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5'-azacytidine treatment - (Apr/25/2013 )

I'm treating my cell lines with 5ázacytidine to check for methylation. I'm planning to treat my cell lines with 5ázacytidine for 5 days. Do I have to replace the medium and drug every day or can I do it alternatively?

Álso, Ive made my stock solution of 5ázacytidine (Sigma, A2385) in DMSO and frozen the aliquots in
-80 degrees.

Thank you


The treatment protocol may vary with different cell lines. Since aza-cytindine is very toxic to cells, to achieve demethylation without killing all cells, for many cell lines, you have to treat the cells non-consecutively, which means treating cells every other day and change to fresh medium in between. Some cell lines need longer treatment time i.g. two weeks.