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Western Blotting of LRRK2 - (Apr/23/2013 )

does anyone have any experience with LRRK2? I am having trouble blotting LRRk2 since it is a very big protein (280 kDa). Also, has someone made experiences with LRRK2 antibodies for WB and immunostaining and got some tips for which one works best?


you can get some tips on western blotting high molecular weight proteins from the western blotting handbook that you can download from ge healthcare lifesciences.

i'm also attaching the protein blotting handbook from millipore and a starter guide from abcam.

(there is some disagreement between these sources about the maximum amount of sds recommended for transfer of high molecular weight proteins).

is lrrk2 a single subunit protein? the native mw may be 280kDa but the subunits (if any) would be smaller. this information is important when deciding gel percentage and transfer conditions.
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