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Re use the pre coated microtiter plate 96 wells - (Apr/22/2013 )

Can anybody help me?

I used ELISA kit that provide microtiter plate, 96 wells precoated with Human N-MID-OT polyclonal antibodies.
the kit is very expensive and is that possible if I wash the plate and re used the plate?
Does the precoated antibody already affected?


you can find a similar discussion here-


It certainly would not be a recommended approach to re-use an ELISA plate from a kit. If the reagents are stripped off using acid (1 M acetic acid for example) there may be some binding activity left, but the assay performance is likely to be changed so that the dynamic range is likely to be shifted and precision is likely to be widened. If the kit is obtainded from a reputable manufacturer the cost of the kit is a reflection of the manufacturer's research and effort put into developing the kit so that you can provide quality research data. The dollars that you might save by trying to reuse these plates will work against the quality of your research.

Good luck!

-Ben Lomond-