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Bacterial Media Formulation - (Apr/18/2013 )

Dear All,

I would like to reach a OD600 greater than 50 in flask and 100 in Fermenter. Do someone knows a good media beside LB, TB or SB?

Thanks in advance

All the Best


For which bugs?


BL21 DE3 or Origami ? But if you pass me all formulation what you it would be great. I think i will try auto-induction media with 2 mM MgSO4 or higher. Some Trace Elements. I know LB, TB, SB, M9 etc. but some how people have good media formulation. Actually, I get with 2xTB at 37 C and 0.5mM İPTG an OD600 of 14 in a shaking flask (100 ml/500ml). Any suggestions?