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most common amino acid - (Mar/27/2013 )

Hey anybody has some idea about which is the most common amino acid in mammalian proteins? I know it is a very broad question. But still are there any studies like this?


according to "principals of biochemistry", glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in humans.


But "most abundant in human" is not necessarily the same thing as "in mammalian proteins".

Neuron, have a look at this pdf document: http://www.uni-salzb...s/1/1929199.PDF
Page 18 contains a table from Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, and percentages for the occurence of all amino acids in proteins with Leucine the most common and Tryptophan the least common. Unfortunately I don't have the book here, but it may be worthwhile to look up the legend of this table, maybe they explain which group of proteins these data are based upon.


Thanks Tabaluga and mdfenko....the links are really helpful.