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What is NEB's CutSmart Buffer? - (Mar/26/2013 )

Not really sure if this belongs here. It just seems like this CutSmart buffer appeared over night. Is this a replacement for the EcoRI buffer? Has anyone used it? It is reporting 100% activity in a double digest that NEB previously showed incompatible (my previous reactions). Can anyone confirm this?


Jerry, I'm not sure what the CutSmart buffer is made of, but "super buffers" can be very effective and have been around for a long time. An example is Mike McClelland's old KGB (Potassium Glutamate) buffer:


That is interesting. I am glad that info is not proprietary. I am going to try this in some of my non-compatible enzyme digestions. Thanks for the link.


It's buffer 4 with BSA added, I suspect


Exactly. The composition is on their web site, and it is buffer 4 + BSA.


Ahh. I should have done more research. Thanks everyone. I guess it could be slightly beneficial.