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Stain nitrocellulose membrane with coomassie stain? - (Mar/24/2013 )

Hey I m a researcher...I did one western blot transfer and my sir told me to stain nitrocellulose membrane with coomassie stain...but then disaster happen...stain was absobed by the membrane and now destaining is not possible...
So, can we stain membrane with coomassie stain??? Ponceau S is working well


Yes, you can stain membranes with coomassie, but it isn't reversible like ponceau S staining is. If you want to stain with coomassie, it is probably easier to do so in the gel.


if you haven't blocked the membrane prior to staining then you should be able to destain the coomassie stained membrane (not the protein bands). it may take some time and changes of destaining solution but you should be able to clear the background (i've done it).


ponceau S works fine and it gets removed easily by washing with water.