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Suggestions for decorating new lab premises - (Mar/23/2013 )

We recently moved to new premises for our lab and as you might expect, the walls are free of restriction digestion maps, their buffer chart, images of different DNA ladders etc. etc.

I do not want to put images of Mendel/ Watson Crick on these walls, as I have seen in many other labs. So, just wanted a few suggestions from you guys and things you want/ have put up in your labs. Posters, cartoons, quotes anything that comes to your mind. Not anything from PhD comics... though! :)


-Ameya P-

You can get free pathway posters from Cell signaling, Sigma, etc.


Exactly, there are lots of posters you can get for free from companies. And what about commonly used DNA ladders / restriction enzymes etc.


your own posters from former conferences?


hey Ameya...decorating are we now? :P if you want something a bit different, perhaps you can get hold of posters (paintings or lithographs) about the history of science- something like this:


and for something more 'artsy' and dark, try to find some antique paintings of's a good one (the frustrated alchemist) :lol:

or this:


We have shelves with chemicals on walls in the lab. On some spared places a WB marker charts. There is no space for any posters (though I would love to have Mendel there, sure). I have several posters from companies but I have nowhere to put them.

I have Calvin and snowmen and favourite two XKCD correlation strips on my office walls. Some of my own drawn cartoons and other biology related ones are on our office doors from inside.

In the new building there are glass windows everywhere so no poster space either.


It looks like you only want something simple, in which case I suggest a good picture of your last lab, a picture of one lab equipment, and an enlarged version of the periodic tables.

-Enoch Oblitey-

sorry this is so late, it slipped past me.

we posted some humorous stuff in our lab. i posted some of them in the "lab jokes" forum (eg "definitions", "new leave policy", "periodic table", etc).