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regarding sending strains - (Mar/14/2013 )

Dear friends,
I want to send my cloned strains to India for some analysis.Actually i had sent previously through DHL it took only 3 days to reach,but the strains were not grown there.
I used closed 20ml slant tubes.May i know which will be right way to send the strains over there....thanks in advance....


Do you mean special strains of bacteria or do you mean plasmids?

If they are bacteria, glycerol stocks transport better than most living cultures, but are quite expensive as they need to be shipped on dry ice.

For plasmids - if you have the DNA, spot some onto pieces of Whatman's #1 filter paper allow to dry and send it by regular post. The people who receive it should be able to extract the DNA and transform some bacteria with it.


I heard that in some countries parcels are irradiated to get rid of possible contaminants or dangerous MOs...Just an idea and no idea if this is still happening and what they do in India.
Another idea can be that a parcel just stands a whole day in the sun and heats up a lot during good insulation or cooling/freezing might help (and a faster but more expensive transport)