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Cell line nomenclature - suffixes ? - (Mar/14/2013 )

Hi people,
got a very basic question on cell line nomenclature. Do you know a list in the internet where the meanings of the cell line name suffixes are noted ? I know in HEK293T the "T" stands for the SV40 large T antigen, but I wondered whether in other cell lines the letter can have a different meaning. Or what does "MG" at the end of a line stand for ? I couldn't find the answer by googling (but maybe I looked in the wrong places, hence my asking if there's something like a list).

Thanks !


It is just indicative of there name. HEK - human embroyonic kidney cells. U-# MG: Unit number- Malignant Glioma. You can usually find the meaning of a cell acronym on a manufacturer website. It wouldn't be a bad idea if someone were to comprise a list for reference though.....


293 may indicate experiment no :)


I forgot to add this last night.

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