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advice multichannel pipettes - (Mar/11/2013 )


I work in a small cell culture lab. There are just 3 of us doing culture at the moment. My supervisor has some funding to buy extra equipment and we thought of investing in an electronic multichannel pipette. I found the multichannel Rainin E4 XLS interesting on paper. Does anyone have experience with it? I would be very grateful if I could get some advice this or other similar pipettes.

Thanks a lot!


Ranin generally make good pipettes, I don't have any experience with their multichannel ones though. Capp make some good non-electric ones and Eppendorf have a good one, but the user interface is confusing unless you are using it all the time.


You should also check the tip costs, because Rainin tips are super expensive where I work (due to lack of outline agreement with this distributor)! Eppendorf has similar quality, but is cheaper. I am also considering an electronic multichannel pipette, and my options are Eppendorf Xplorer/xplorer plus or BioHit Picus. Rainin E4 XLS would be choice if the tips weren't that expencive! :)