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Invitrogen Methyl Miner Tips - (Mar/10/2013 )

Hello All,

I'm wondering if anyone has experience using the Methyl Miner kit, and if so could you offer any tips not mentioned in the protocol??

For instance, has anyone found loading a certain amount of DNA provides the best results? I was planning on loading ~500ng I'm also curious how much I can expect to elute from the 500ng I start with?

All tips and suggestions would be much appreciated, as I don't have much time to spend for optimizing the protocol...



Someone has to have used this kit....Anyone?




Since it's been months since you posted this, I guess you probably don't need help anymore.


However, I've been able to use the Methyl Miner protocol with as little as 100 ng of input DNA.


I'm hesitant to trust the values you get from Nanodrop if they're below about 20 ng/uL. In my hands, the Nanodrop grossly overestimates DNA concentrations below that threshold, and it is especially prone to do so if you've dissolved your DNA in anything other than 100% pure water.

-David Gray Lassiter-