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New genes - Are there any more? (Feb/03/2004 )

Hi All,

with the completion of human genome project, is there still any chance of discovering new genes (through bench clonning) which will have no identical sequences in human genome database? Theoretically, there should be no more new gene to be identified but only different splicing forms of known genes.

any clue?


:( Hi...

I'm agree with you...

I'm from time to time looking on

this site gives information about proteins but permits you to find validated sequences of the genes and eventually new genes...

:unsure: I hope this could help you


:( may not true.

Recently a paper published in PNAS reported that they identified a new gene. Its sequence has no homolgy to any known human sequence.

A pituitary gene encodes a protein that produces differentiation of breast and prostate cancer cells.

A cDNA clone of 1.1 kb encoding a 108-aa polypeptide was isolated from a human pituitary cDNA library by expression cloning. This protein was named tumor differentiation factor (TDF).