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DNA Methylation and genomic variation - (Mar/06/2013 )

I am trying to study the relationship between epigenomic and genomics variations. Namely I am interested in the relationship between methylation and indel variation. I am searching for data set that contains both methylation data and indel (or SNP) data for the same genome. I have found many SNP datasets however they are collected from different genomes. The SNP data that come from single genome is protected and I cannot downnload it. any ideas?
Thanks for your help.


Sounds like an interesting idea. Which database are you trying to download SNP data from? NCBI FTP server should allow you to download SNP data.


Hi try the HAPMAP data, some have been bisulfite sequenced (publication in PLos genetics if I remember, and some whole genome BS in the epigenome project) with hiseq and hiseq 100bp paired-end data is available from 1000 genomes.