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Trypan blue - (Mar/06/2013 )

Everybody, i need your help.

I buy Trypan blue dye 60% (302643) from sigma.
Then I need to use it in cell culture. Usually people use trypan blue solution 0.4% .
How I can prepare that from Trypan blue dye 60% (302643)?

Thank you very much


You just registered to ask this question? I'm impressed
let's say you want 1ml of 0.4%
0.6xv1=0.004x1000ul =>v1= 6.6 ul, take this amount from the original bottle and top up to 1 ml with water.


Thank you
i asked so many questions before this
this is my 3rd account since the other 2 one got problem so i cant longer used the account

I asked this because, at my place, no one use that trypan blue powder.
all of them used the ready made one, so I think the best is to ask people in Bioforum.
Thank you so much
I bought 2 bottle and it must be used, rather than waste the money

-hidayahcellculture- is in powder form


doesn't matter, calculate everything based on w/v instead of v/v


Thank you moderator


What about a control?  We work in a clinical lab and use TB to get a cell vialbilty of the bone marrow products after collection, before infusion etc.  We are looking for a way to have controls to prove TB is working....perferably something we can make that kills half the cells so we can see both positive and negative.  Any ideas?