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Stromal conditioned medium (SCM) - (Feb/27/2013 )

Dear all
can anyone help me know the exact procedures for the production of stromal conditioned medium (SCM) from HS-5 cells. I have been searching the literature but they just mention 50% SCM was used. They do not mention how much percentage of serum was in the medium added to subconfluent cultures of HS-5 cells. also they do not mention what was the final concentration of FBS in the medium with 50% SCM.


I can't talk specifically about stromal conditioned medium, but the general principle is to use the % FBS that you would use for culturing the cells that are going to be in the conditioned medium (i.e. not the HS cells, but the ones you will be growing in the conditioned medium - presumably some sort of stromal cells). If you then add this to the stromal cell medium, which contains the same % FBS then there is no change in concentration.