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Immunocytohistochemistry & DAPI - (Feb/25/2013 )

If we activate microglia (induced by LPS). This releases interleukin-1.
We then use immunocytohistochemistry to visualise IL-1.
We also use DAPI which stains DNA. (I THINK it is so we can see the cell death

We have already done a control without LPS ( this image showed a lot more DNA staining and no IL-1 staining)

There is another specific control they are looking for, involving DAPI.

I don't have clue what it is.
Any ideas of ANY type of control, even if it doesn't involve DAPI?

Moved to homework forums. Bob.


You are correct DAPI does stain DNA... now where do you find DNA and what could you use this to get from a slide that shows discrete spots of DAPI staining?