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How to measure immunological markers after bacterial infection; IL10-/- Mice - (Feb/25/2013 )


Hopefully someone may be able to help me. I currently conducting a trial using IL10-/- mice to evaluate the role of an emmerging bacterial gastrointestinal pathogen.
The gross pathology from our prelimary trials look promising, enlarged colon, enlarged spleen and diahorria however I would like to measure the immune response of the mice to this potential pathogen; for instance Thelper1 cells, Tregs, FoxP3.

My poblem is that I do not have access to a flow cytometer so I am hoping somebody may have ideas for an alternative to flow? I was thinking ELISPOT or ELISA but the companies cac't recomend them for tissue homogenate.

I would really appreciate any advice people may have!

Thanks in advance,


How about Immuofluorescence/immunohistochemistry to get a relative measure of the amount of inflammation and/or number of types of immune cells present in the tissues?


Thank you for your help.